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Weight Management

Whether you are looking to achieve weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance, we provide the necessary ingredients. No pills or specialty products here, just quality food based nutrition for every lifestyle to help you look and feel your best at all times. It doesn’t matter if you are on the go, travel frequently or refuse to cook, there is a way to manage your weight. Leave it to us and we’ll take you every step of the way!

Sports Performance

Food is fuel, does your body run off premium or regular grade? Our goal is to maximize your performance through food to properly manage before, during, and post training activities to prepare for the big day. We want you to understand the importance of timing meals and snacks with quality nutrients whether you’re in-season or out.

Metabolism Testing

The BodyGem indirect calorimeter is a state-of-the-art, handheld device that accurately measures resting metabolic rate (RMR) and is identical to the one used on The Biggest Loser.  The BodyGem is easy to use, delivering an RMR measurement quickly and accurately. Used as a tool for monitoring changes in metabolism, BodyGem gives you important information to help individuals achieve personal weight management and nutrition goals.

Corporate Nutrition

Show your employees you care by giving them the best opportunity to stay healthy.  Each on-site corporate program is specifically designed to match your company’s needs with the services we provide including: presentations, small group sessions, one on one sessions, metabolic testing, lunch and learns, and wellness activities.  We may be able to work with your insurance provider so contact us so we can discuss options.

Our Story

At Nutrition HealthWorks, it is our mission to help you develop a nutritional program that is realistic but effective, and to support you throughout the process so you learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle.   We start your transformation with a nutritional assessment so one of our team members can better understand your current goals, nutrition habits, exercise routine, and any medications or conditions you may have. From there, we can make recommendations and create customized meal plans while tracking your progress using a multitude of measurements.  Let us provide the solutions to the challenges you face. If you eat, we can help!

  • Corporate Nutrition 88%
  • Customized Meal Plans 95%
  • Metabolic Testing 90%
  • Client Happiness 99%
Travis Chilcot

Travis Chilcot

BS Nutrition

Health Coach/Owner
Travis received his four year degree in nutrition and dietetics from Western Carolina University and has been changing lives in the nutrition field for over six years. The passion for nutrition erupted in high school when he was always trying to perform better in athletics while making life long changes. While attending school at Western Carolina, Travis was also able to experience several different studies from entrepreneurship to education in addition to nutrition. He now enjoys having the opportunity to utilize all of those focuses by operating Nutrition HealthWorks.  Travis’ favorite part is teaching the “how” and “why” a particular way of eating is best for an individual to achieve their desired results. Since everyone has different needs and goals, he finds it fascinating each and every day. Travis has a Sports Nutrition certification, former ACE personal trainer certification, and CPR/AED certifications.

Serving the Statesville and Cornelius areas

Rachel Findley

Rachel Findley


Head Dietitian
Rachel has a masters degree in nutrition from Meredith College.  She has experience in areas of nutritional guidance including personalized coaching to food service. She has been practicing for almost 10 years and is dedicated to increasing her knowledge through continuing education. This ensures the most up-to-date technology and nutritional research is always used with our clients.  Rachel currently oversees all moderate to high risk clients in accordance with the Academy of Dietetics.

Andrea Sherrill

Andrea Sherrill


Corporate Wellness Dietitian
Andrea has a masters degree in nutrition from UNC-Greensboro.  She has been practicing for 16 years in both the clinical and community nutrition settings.  Her experience and expertise give each and every client the tools they need to achieve great results. Andrea is an active member with the Academy of Dietetics and works with our on-site corporate accounts in Statesville and Mooresville.