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Mason Jar Salads

Running out of ideas for your weekly meal prep? Give mason jar salads a try! These salads are carefully layered so your ingredients can remain as fresh and crisp as possible throughout the week. Plus - the containers are reusable so it’s a win-win! Get all your favorite salad ingredients ready, a few jars with lids, and follow the guide below!

- Layer 1/Bottom Layer: Your favorite dressing. This serves as the healthy fat and helps with satiety. - Layer 2: Crisp ingredients such as carrots, onion, tomatoes, and cucumbers. This layer serves as “protection” for the remaining ingredients to stay crispy. These ingredients provide micronutrients that support healthy digestion and immune function. - Layer 3: Ingredients that are medium-firmness such as corn, beans, zucchini, peas, etc. This layer provides additional energy from complex carbohydrates. - Layer 4: Delicate ingredients including hard-boiled eggs and cheese. - Layer 5: Starches such as whole grain rice, pasta, and/or quinoa. This provides a protein and fiber boost. - Layer 6/Top Layer: Salad greens, nuts, and seeds. This layer adds bulk, crunch, and additional healthy fats.





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