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Tips and Tricks for Halloween in 2020

2020 has been a year filled with uncertainty, however there is a great possibility to keep the Halloween tradition alive this year while keeping everyone safe!. Halloween creates fun memories for kids and adults alike and can still be enjoyed in a safe manner despite a global pandemic.

Consider these tips to create a healthy Halloween environment for you & trick-or-treaters:

  • Follow the 6-foot rule and remain distant from other groups

  • Be prepared with a face mask (maybe even make it part of your costume!)

  • Avoid touching contaminated objects (i.e. doorbells, candy bowls) before washing hands

  • Bring hand sanitizer


  • Consider leaving candy bowls outside and provide hand sanitizer for trick-or-treaters to use prior to helping themselves to candy.

A Few New Healthy Tricks:

Just as it is important to maintain a healthy external environment for Halloween, it is also important to create a healthy internal environment. Instead of always associating Halloween with calorie-laden snacks and tempting treats, consider some benefits Halloween offers that promote wellness. For instance, think of all the steps you get while walking door-to-door with your costumed children. Educate and encourage moderation when consuming candies and pair with a healthy snack. Perhaps even promote sharing excess candies with others and/or saving for holiday baking or gingerbread house building. Or you can avoid the sweets altogether and be creative with treats, such as mandarin oranges as pumpkins and bananas as ghosts. As always, your dietitians at Nutrition HealthWorks promote mindful eating and will agree that some Halloween candy will not wreck your progress! We wish you a fun, safe, spooky, and healthy Halloween!






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